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Rolls Royce Umbrella Door


A Rolls Royce umbrella door is a distinctive accessory featured on some luxury cars’ doors. The company refers to it as a “landmark” feature of its model range.

The umbrella hides inside a compartment inside the door and can only be opened by pressing a button when both doors are opened. It’s an adorable and unique accessory that is sure to amaze anyone who sees it!


Every Rolls Royce features an umbrella door to keep water out of the car’s interior. This practical feature helps drivers avoid getting their luxurious leather seats or plush carpeting wet, keeping the vehicle looking as beautiful and luxurious as ever.

This luxury accessory retails for $700 and is available in a range of colors such as Dark Spice, Mandarin, Mugello Red, Tailored Purple, Black, and Navy Blue. Additionally, it features a polished color-tone handle along with the iconic Rolls Royce monogram for an added touch of luxury.

These iconic umbrellas are a testament to Rolls-Royce’s dedication to quality products and are designed with the discerning car owner in mind, so they perfectly complement your vehicle’s high-end appearance.


If you’ve ever seen a Rolls Royce, then you know they are some of the world’s most luxurious automobiles. So it’s only natural that they would want to protect their owners and vehicles when they step outside their car.

Rolls Royce designed umbrella slots into each vehicle’s doors to protect their cars from rainy weather. These clever devices store an umbrella and dry it out after use.

Teflon-coated and equipped with warm air pumps, these umbrellas dry wet umbrellas before their owner needs them again. Additionally, this helps prevent mold from growing on the umbrella, keeping it looking perfect in mint condition.

Though it may not be the most unique feature in a Rolls Royce, this handy little accessory has been around for some time and even makes an appearance on Skoda models!


On rainy days, an umbrella is essential. Rolls-Royce has taken this into consideration and designed the world’s best umbrella – tucked away inside their door panel!

This revolutionary feature, known as the umbrella holder in the door, has been available since 2003 on all new Rolls-Royce models. It allows drivers to store an umbrella inside and then pop it out quickly at a push of a button when they need it.

It features drainage points for rainwater and warm air pumps inside to dry the umbrella before its owner uses it again. The design is so fashionable and functional that Rolls-Royce calls it a “hallmark” feature of their lineup.


If you’re in the market for a Rolls-Royce car, expect to spend some money. However, one item that can be taken home with you even if you didn’t buy the rest of the vehicle is an umbrella door – that way, even if you didn’t purchase everything else with it, at least part of it!

The company calls them “landmark features,” and they fit right into the doors of their cars. The umbrellas come in an array of colors and are constructed out of carbon fiber.

These umbrellas not only look stylish, but they dry much faster than standard models due to a Teflon coating. Furthermore, the compartment in which they’re stored features air vents that push warm air into it to remove any remaining water droplets.

People who don’t want to get wet while driving their cars will appreciate this solution; it saves them from having to carry an umbrella around with them. Unfortunately, at $700 each, it seems like a lot of money for just any old rain shield.


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