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Rolls Royce Lights Up Your Night With Starlight Headliner


Rolls Royce Lights – Rolls Royce brings the starry sky right inside your vehicle with their award-winning Starlight Headliner. Thousands of fiber optic lights shine through a perforated leather roof to give the illusion of an expansive night sky.

Customization allows you to personalize the star field with your zodiac sign, family coat of arms, or popular constellations like Ursa Major and Minor. Plus, with any brightness level available, the stars can be set precisely according to how you feel at any given moment.


Rolls Royce cars are distinguished by a few distinctive features: the handmade pantheon grille, self-righting wheel centers that guarantee the RR logo never rotates, and the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament.

Starlight Headliner

Rolls-Royce’s Starlight headliner is an innovative design that transforms the roof of the car into a virtual night sky. This showcase features thousands of fibreoptic lights that cast an enchanting vista inside.

This revolutionary feature first debuted in 2006 on a Phantom and has since become standard equipment on Ghost models. You can now customize a star field to reflect your zodiac sign, favorite constellations, or family coat of arms.

Customers can customize this unique design feature, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee. As a general guideline, expect to spend between $900 and $2000 for a starlight headliner.


A Starlight headliner is one of the most eye-catching features available for any car, though installing it can be a challenging task with the correct technique and tools.

Rolls-Royce uses delicate fiber optic strands at various depths and angles to create an amazing starlight roof. This allows owners to customize the brightness of their lights for a truly personalized experience.

One owner requested the lights be configured in the shape of his coat of arms, while another desired them to represent Ursa Major and Minor constellations.

A custom template must be made and two Rolls-Royce craftspeople must install it – this task takes up to seventeen hours. However, the results are worth all the effort and will last for years to come.


Rolls-Royce vehicles are renowned for their timeless elegance, and the Phantom epitomizes this tradition with its signature short front and long rear overhangs, wheelbase, and wide c-pillar that provide passengers with extra privacy.

The side profile of the Spirit of Ecstasy preserves its striking main lines that flow from its front doors to a tapering rear tail. A softly bending split-belt line points towards the rear door, emphasizing its long dash-to-axle proportions before gently descending into lantern-style rear lamps.

A selection of new wheels enhances the aesthetic, featuring 3D milled stainless steel wheels with triangular facets in fully or part-polished finishes. Alternatively, an elegant disc wheel brings back memories of 1920’s Rolls-Royce motor cars for a nostalgic touch.

Customers who have previously requested darkened chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, and windscreen surround can now have these custom ordered. With Rolls-Royce Phantom now has the option to achieve either the lightest of light or the deepest of dark looks.


If you’re searching for a fully customizable Rolls-Royce, Bespoke is your perfect option. Here, customers can select from an extensive range of premium design features handcrafted exclusively by skilled artisan craftspeople.

For instance, the Starlight Headliner can be customized with any constellation – stars that would have been overhead when you were born, your zodiac sign, popular constellations such as Ursa Major and Minor, or even your family coat of arms. It has the capacity to display either one star or multiple stars simultaneously and be remotely controlled.

It’s an impressive feature and the company says they employ two experienced craftspeople to craft it. They meticulously count and fit 800 to 1,600 fiber optic strands into each hole on the surface of leather before it is perforated.

Each fiber is cut at an asymmetric angle, allowing light to pass through it at different angles and create a twinkling effect. Such precision craftsmanship would be impossible for anyone to duplicate at home.


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