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Warning – You’re Losing Money by Not Using Christmas Money Properly


You could be losing money this Christmas because you aren’t using it properly. Here are some tips for making sure you use your money wisely.

HSBC warns of scams in the run-up to Christmas

HSBC warns that people should be wary of scams during the festive season. A campaign has been launched by the bank to educate consumers on the most common fraudulent schemes. It has also published a list of 12 scams that should be watched out for.

Scams targeting HSBC customers have increased by 25 percent in August alone. The bank has warned people about phishing and One Time Passcodes (OTPs). These are text messages that claim a new payment has been made. They are bogus and can help fraudsters gain access to accounts.

HSBC has advised customers not to disclose OTPs to anyone. The bank has issued a warning video to show people how to protect themselves from scams.

Scammers can pose as banks and government bodies. They may also ask for money or make claims about your account being compromised. Scammers set up fake profiles on social media, dating websites and apps. They may offer a fake crypto investment.

Fraudsters are also using fake web pages and email to convince people to buy fictitious items. Some people have lost thousands of pounds in this type of scam.

Avoiding credit card debt

The National Retail Federation estimates that the average consumer will spend nearly $1,000 on Christmas gifts every year. Unfortunately, this can put a damper on a family’s budget. While this figure can seem intimidating, there are ways to avoid getting into credit card debt during the holidays.

One way is to create a realistic budget and save for the holidays. This can be done through side work or selling items. You can also try a deferred payment plan, which can be a big time saver.

Another good way to cut costs is to not use your credit cards. The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially if you have children or other responsibilities. The last thing you want is to add to your debt.

For those that can’t avoid using their credit cards, you can try a debt management program. This type of organization will consolidate all of your bills and work with your creditors to reduce interest rates.

There are even apps and websites that can help you get out of debt. These resources are a great place to start.

Coping with grief at Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for those who have lost a loved one. In fact, it can be the most difficult period of the year.

While it may be tempting to avoid the festive season entirely, it is important to remember that Christmas can be a positive time. It is also important to be prepared for the emotional impact of grief.

Some people find comfort in the familiarity of traditions and rituals that their loved ones participated in. During this time, it can be a good idea to consider the meaning of certain traditions. It is also a good idea to decide which traditions you will keep, and which you will let go.

If you are going to spend the holidays with your family, it is important to let others know that you are grieving. This will allow you to get support from them and from other family members.

You can also take this opportunity to talk about your loss with your friends. This will help you to move forward with your life.


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