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Top 5 Holiday Destinations for families in 2023


Family vacations are usually special because you get to spend time with one other (which is rare if you have teenagers!) and create cherished memories of all your activities. If you haven’t already booked your next family vacation or 2023 villa getaway, check our list of the top family-friendly vacation spots below to get inspired to start organising your once-in-a-lifetime experience which can be won through a holiday competition!


Every year, many families choose to vacation in Greece. The locals are friendly, the water is nice, there will probably be sunshine, and the lodging and food won’t upset your wallet’s contents or the stomaches of your kids.

MarBella Corfu is a luxurious hotel that welcomes families. Outstanding amenities and childcare are provided.

In the pristine area of Halkidiki, Sani Resort is the other absolutely stunning resort that we highly suggest. With five-star hotels, a gently shelving beach, a yacht marina, first-rate childcare, and an abundance of kid-friendly activities, it is situated in a 1,000-acre natural reserve.

Additionally, renting your own luxury crewed yacht is more affordable than you may imagine. The boats leave from Corfu, can accommodate up to eight people, and include water skiing, wakeboarding, ringo, windsurfing, and SUP in the fee.


Turkey’s 5,000-mile coastline is home to a variety of family resorts and alluring beaches. While the unspoiled Turquoise Coast is surrounded by pine-covered mountains and offers a wide choice of activities, the Mediterranean Coast boasts long sandy bays and warm, protected water, while the Aegean Coast contains some of the best ancient ruins in the Mediterranean, including Ephesus. Beautiful family-friendly villas from Simpson Travel are located all around the wonderful resort of Kalkan.

Near the quaint coastal town of Fo├ža, Mark Warner has launched a fantastic new club called Phokaia Beach Resort, where you can enjoy tennis, watersports, and childcare.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans are friendly towards visitors. They love kids and are renowned for their hospitality. It takes 10 hours to fly from the UK to Sri Lanka, and although the cost of the ticket may appear high at first, living costs are very low there. Sri Lanka offers a staggering array of family-friendly lodging options to fit any budget, and the local cuisine has been rated among the best in the world. Sri Lanka is one of our favourite countries in the world for families, whether you’re looking for a quiet beach vacation or the kids want to go on a safari to see elephants. Due to its two climates, Sri Lanka is a popular travel destination all year round. While it’s wet in the north, it’s sunny and dry in the south and west. While it’s wet in the south, it’s sunny and dry in the north and east.


Mauritius offers a good mix of beach time and adventurous activities if you’re seeking for both. One of our top choices for families is the African-inspired Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, where you can unwind after a day of touring the island.

The simplest method to travel is with your own vehicle and driver; you can drive the length of Mauritius from north to south in approximately 90 minutes, so you rarely have to ask, “Are we almost there yet?” Visit the sacred temples to see curious monkeys, indulge in some local fare at Port Louis Market, and get up close and personal with the enormous tortoises at Seven Coloured Earth Geopark.


You will undoubtedly return from a family vacation to Thailand with priceless memories. When creating an itinerary, there are many factors to take into account, including the weather, your financial situation, and the things you want to do and see. Consult our experts for help.

Spend a few days among the temples and palaces of Bangkok before fleeing to Hua Hin, a bustling coastal resort just a 3-hour private transport from the capital, for the traditional combination of hectic city life and beachside chills.


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