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The Discography of Ivy C


You might not know this, but Ivy C was an iconic American singer. She was a member of the Pixies, and she is considered by many to be the best female singer of all time. Her talent and charisma make her an ideal role model for women everywhere.


The Discography of Ivy C, is a collection of CDs, LPs, and DVDs that was compiled by the late music industry luminary John Carter Bush. One of the CDs contains the concert from a Bristol, England, concert of yore. The other is a compilation of mono tapes of LP tracks. It’s all part of an ambitious project that has spanned a quarter century. Aside from the requisite albums, there’s a plethora of bonus material, which includes bits and pieces of Carter’s poetry. Those looking for an interesting night out should not hesitate to snag one of these gems. The discography of Ivy C isn’t exactly an exhaustive sleuth, but it does boast a handful of noteworthy releases. Among them are the fanciest looking album covers and a collection of the mono LP tracks, which is a rare treat for a burgeoning music fan. Some of the albums are squeaky clean, while others, like the aforementioned concert, are more of a tad disappointing.

 Ivy C

Early life

The early life of Ivy C can be best summed up with the following three facts. He was born in Sacramento, California and his mom was Kimberly Rogers and his dad was Muhammad Ivy Sr. His middle school years were spent in Bret Harte Elementary and C.K McClatchy High School. This was all before he was expected to graduate in 2009 and move on to the next phase of his life. Despite these humble beginnings, Ivy has managed to make a splash in the business world. A self-proclaimed entrepreneur at heart, Ivy has been able to build a seven-figure printing business in New York City over the course of 20 years. As for his business acumen, he has a solid track record and a nifty knack for identifying viable niche markets.

Music career

Born Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, Nasty C is a South African Hip Hop artist who has been referred to as Africa’s coolest kid. Known for his powerful and infectious style, Nasty has earned multiple accolades and has toured across the world, including performances in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, and Panama. His debut album, Zulu Man with Some Power, was released on Def Jam Recordings in 2018. He was also signed to Universal Music Africa.

During his younger days, he started making beats with his brother Siyabonga. In his teenage years, he attended Strelitzia High School, where he finished grade 12. Despite having a busy and successful music career, Nasty C remained very focused on his academics. However, his passion for music was not diminished. As a songwriter, Nasty C learned how to use his voice to add to his music. Eventually, he decided to pursue a career as a rapper, and his first mixtape, Price City, was released when he was only 15.

After releasing several mixtapes, Nasty C released his first full-length album

Strings and Bling, in 2018. This album received two South African Music Awards and was ranked as one of the year’s best hip-hop releases. The album also featured guest appearances from R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, and Young Thug. It sold well, and earned Nasty the “South Africa’s Coolest Kid” award from TINA Magazine.

Later in his musical career, Nasty began working on a major mainstream crossover project. With the help of producer Ebro Darden, he was able to release his formal US debut. Since then, he has toured all over the world, performing in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the US, among others. Although he is known as the “Africa’s Coolest Kid,” he remains very dedicated to his music. Currently, he is preparing for a new album. He is also working on an acting role on Netflix. Hopefully, we’ll see him in the near future! And if you’re in South Africa, you should catch him on stage at the COD Mobile Tournament or at the Ivyson Tour. Until then, check out his amazing music and stay tuned for more news!


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