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Joe Biden – A Biography


During his time in the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has served as a senator from the state of Delaware for many years. He later went on to serve as the 47th vice president of the United States under President Barack Obama. He also made history by becoming the first vice president to ever win the popular vote in the presidential election.


Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has been able to keep his family and his children close to him. His family is composed of two wives, two sons, and four grandchildren.

In addition to the Biden family, Joe has other relatives, including his younger sister Valerie Biden Owens, and his cousin Missy Owens. He is also descended from Finnegans of County Louth and Blewitts of County Mayo.

The Biden family moved to Garden City, NY in 1946. They then moved to Wilmington, Delaware. The house they lived in was a ten thousand square foot mansion with a ballroom.

Hunter was born on February 4, 1970, in Wilmington, Delaware. He attended Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware, and Georgetown University Law Center for one year. He then married Kathleen Buhle in 1993. They have three children.

The family of Beau Biden was affected by tragedy. His sister was killed in a car crash. He was severely injured, but survived the accident. He went on to become a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office from 1995 to 2004. He clerked for Judge Steven McAuliffe.

Political career

Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has done many things. He has served in the United States Senate, held positions on two congressional committees, and shaped policy in the early days of the Iraq war.

The most noteworthy of these achievements was Joe Biden’s role in crafting the Violence Against Women Act, a federal law that provides resources for survivors of sexual assault. The law changed the way the nation views domestic violence and the penalties associated with it.

Joe Biden was also a leading advocate for tough-on-crime legislation. He wrote the Senate version of the 1994 crime bill, which increased funding for new prisons and stiffened penalties for crime. The bill also gained bipartisan support, but was criticized for contributing to mass incarceration.

During his time in the Senate, Joe Biden became increasingly disillusioned with the wars being waged in the Middle East. He voted against resurging troops in Afghanistan and the “shock and awe” campaign launched by President George W. Bush. He later endorsed President Barack Obama’s initiative to expand health insurance for lower-income Americans.

Life after the death of his wife and daughter

During his time in the Senate, Joe Biden has faced a series of personal tragedies. He lost his wife, Neilia, and daughter, Naomi, in a car crash in 1972. His first wife, Alice, died three years later in July. He also had to deal with two brain aneurysms in 1988.

The family story is not something that’s been told often. But it’s one that is being passed down through the generations. Several members of the Biden family have been inducted into the Delaware Hall of Fame.

In addition to the death of his wife and daughter, Joe had to deal with serious injuries to his children. He has never spoken out about what went wrong, and he hasn’t explained how he can prevent other families from experiencing unthinkable losses.

What did Joe Biden do to handle his family’s tragedy? He married a woman named Jill Jacobs, who was a University of Delaware student at the time. He then handed his doctorate to her.

Cancer Moonshot report

During the State of the Union address in January, President Barack Obama announced his commitment to curing cancer with a “moonshot” initiative. The program aims to improve the prevention and detection of cancer and speed up the development of new treatments.

In February, President Joe Biden announced a series of steps to expand the Cancer Moonshot initiative. One of the most ambitious goals is to cut the death rate from cancer in half within the next 25 years. He said the goal is to “build on the tremendous progress that has been made in cancer therapeutics and diagnostics to accelerate progress against this disease.”

To make the program successful, President Biden has assembled a “Cancer Cabinet” of experts from across the federal government. The group includes representatives from executive branch departments, as well as leaders from medicine and the research community.

In addition to announcing the formation of the “Cancer Cabinet,” the White House also revealed a number of priority actions for the Moonshot. These actions include increased funding for NIH, increased focus on prevention, and an emphasis on cancer care in specific communities.


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