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How to get the Ego Malign Shader in Destiny


Ego Malign Shader: Are you tired of using the same old shaders in Destiny? Want to add some style and flair to your gear? Look no further than the Ego Malign Shader! This sleek, black-and-red shader is a must-have for any Guardian looking to stand out on the battlefield. But how do you get your hands on it? In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting and using the coveted Ego Malign Shader in Destiny. So grab your Ghost and let’s dive in!

What is the Ego Malign Shader?

The Ego Malign Shader is a highly sought-after cosmetic item in Destiny. As its name suggests, it has a dark and edgy look that appeals to many Guardians. This shader is made up of two primary colors – black and red – which blend together seamlessly to create a striking visual effect.

Applying the Ego Malign Shader can help your Guardian stand out on the battlefield, making you instantly recognizable among your fireteam. It’s also an excellent choice for those who want to show off their individual style while still looking sleek and menacing.

One of the best things about this shader is that it works with almost any piece of gear in the game. Whether you’re rocking armor from a raid or weapons from Trials of Osiris, the Ego Malign Shader will give your loadout an extra edge.

To obtain this coveted shader, there are several ways you can try: completing Nightfall Strikes, playing Crucible matches or opening Legendary engrams just to mention some examples. Keep playing hard and sooner than later you’ll be able to drop one!

How to get the Ego Malign Shader

The Ego Malign Shader is a highly sought-after cosmetic item in Destiny, as it gives your armor a striking purple and black color scheme. Getting your hands on this shader can be tricky, but with a bit of effort and luck, you’ll soon have it equipped on all your gear.

One way to obtain the Ego Malign Shader is through random drops. It has been known to drop from various activities, such as raids or Crucible matches. Keep playing these activities regularly and hope that RNG works in your favor.

Another method is by purchasing Bright Engrams from Eververse using Silver or Bright Dust. These engrams contain various cosmetic items like shaders, emotes and ships. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the Ego Malign Shader specifically, buying enough engrams increases your chances.

Keep an eye out for special events that offer exclusive rewards like shaders. Participating in these events could potentially reward you with the coveted Ego Malign Shader.

Remember to always check vendors frequently for any available limited-time offers too!

Tips for using the Ego Malign Shader

When it comes to using the Ego Malign Shader in Destiny, there are a few tips that can help you make the most out of this unique shader.

It’s important to note that this shader is quite dark and ominous in appearance. This means that when using it, you may want to pair it with other items or armor pieces that have a similar aesthetic.

Another tip is to experiment with different lighting settings and environments when wearing the shader. The shade of black used in the Ego Malign Shader can appear differently based on lighting conditions, so playing around with these settings could give you some interesting results.

It’s also worth noting that while the shader does look great on its own, it can be even more impactful when combined with other shaders or effects. For example, pairing it with an armor set featuring glowing accents could create a stunning contrast between light and dark elements.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Trying out different color combinations and pairing options could lead to some unexpected but exciting results. After all, experimentation is what makes gaming fun!


The Ego Malign Shader is a great addition to any guardian’s collection in Destiny. Its unique design and colors make it stand out from other shaders available in the game.

To obtain this shader, you must complete various activities such as strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit games. It may take some time and effort, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Remember to experiment with different armor pieces when using this shader as it may look different on each one. Also, don’t forget to mix and match with your weapons for an even more personalized touch.

Unlocking the Ego Malign Shader will not only enhance your visual appearance in-game but also give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you completed challenging tasks to obtain it. So get out there and start grinding!


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