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D2L Northeast: Pioneering E-Learning in the Northeast Region


Welcome to our blog post on D2L Northeast, the leading innovators in e-learning solutions for the Northeast region! In this digital era, where technology has become an integral part of education, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to D2L Northeast, a dynamic company dedicated to pioneering innovative and interactive online learning experiences. Whether you’re a student, educator, or lifelong learner, prepare to embark on an exciting journey as we unravel how D2L Northeast revolutionizes education in the Northeast region and beyond!

What is D2L Northeast?

DL Northeast is a consortium of seven colleges and universities in the Northeastern United States working together to pioneer e-learning. The consortium was founded in 2002 to make e-learning available to more students, faculty, and staff across its member institutions. DL Northeast provides various online learning services, such as degrees, certificates, courses, and resources.

DL Northeast offers several degree programs through its consortium members. These programs include associate’s degrees in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, education technology specialist/administrator, information technology support specialist/administrator, liberal arts and sciences, marketing/business administration/management information systems (MBA), nursing assistant/alcohol and drug addiction counselor assistant (NADCA), and social work.

In addition to degree programs offered by DL Northeast’s member institutions, DL Northeast also offers certificate programs in business administration (CBA), computer networking technology (CCNT), criminal justice security (CJS), E-Learning Specialist certification program (E-LSCP), health information management (HIM), human resource management (HRM), Information Technology Support Specialist certification program (ITSPC) mental health counseling certification program (MHCCP), nursing assistant certification program (NACP), senior citizen education specialist certificate program ([SCES]), teacher licensure preparation certificate program ([TLPC])Total Learning Management Systems Professional Certification Program (), Web content development professional certification program(WPDPMCP). 

Los Angeles Area E-Learning Consortium.

How Does D2L Northeast Work?

DL Northeast is a pioneering e-learning organization in the Northeast region. They offer a variety of online courses, including workforce training, business education, and dental care. DL Northeast has developed an online learning platform that helps students stay engaged and organized while completing their courses.

DL Northeast also offers support services to help students with their coursework. Their Academic Support Center provides tutoring for students who need extra help with math or English and access to facilitators who can direct them through the course materials. In addition, DL Northeast offers several resources for students who need assistance with completing their coursework, such as self-paced tutorials and peer reviews.

DL Northeast’s e-learning platform makes it easy for learners to stay engaged in their courses. The Academic Support Center offers tutoring services to help students who need extra help, and the platform includes self-paced tutorials and peer reviews to help learners get the most out of their courses.

E-Learning Courses Available at D2L Northeast

DL Northeast is proud to offer its students a wide variety of e-learning courses. With courses covering various topics, DL Northeast offers something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your professional skills or learn new information, DL Northeast has the course for you.

Some popular e-learning courses offered at DL Northeast include:

1) Accounting Principles for Business Owners: This course covers accounting basics, such as liabilities and assets, and how they relate to a business owner’s income statement. The coursework helps business owners understand their financial situation and make informed decisions.

2) General Surgery Pathology for Medical Students: This course provides students with an understanding of general surgery pathology and how it pertains to medical practice. This course prepares students for clinical rotations in general surgery through lectures, procedures, case studies, and interactive class sessions.

3) Adobe Photoshop CS6: This introductory-level Photoshop course covers basic editing techniques such as cropping, straightening images, adjusting levels, and adding special effects. Students learn how to create scenes using layers and adjustment layers; crop photos using the Crop tool; add text or designs using the Photoshop Pen Tool; and use advanced filters such as the High Pass Filter and Gaussian Blur.

Cost of E-Learning Courses at D2L Northeast

DL Northeast is a leading provider of online learning courses in the Northeastern region. They offer a wide variety of e-learning courses, from business to technology. DL Northeast has been recognized as one of the best e-learning providers in the United States.

DL Northeast offers affordable, high-quality e-learning courses perfect for busy people who want to learn independently. Their courses are available 24/7, so you can learn wherever you are.

One of the great benefits of DL Northeast’s e-learning courses is their interaction. This means you can ask questions while watching the videos, and the instructors will answer them. This makes learning very interactive and engaging, which helps to keep people interested in the course.

DL Northeast also offers a variety of training options for those who want to further their education after completing one of their e-learning courses. These include live online seminars and private tutoring sessions with DL Northeast’s expert instructors.


The D2L Northeast: Pioneering E-Learning in the Northeast Region conference was an important event that brought educators from across the Northeast Region to share their knowledge and experiences with e-learning. The conference offered attendees information on course development and best practices for online student engagement. I hope that attendees were able to take away some valuable insights and tools that will help them undertake successful e-learning initiatives.


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