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Barchart: A Comprehensive Platform Review


Barchart is a website that provides data across various market types, such as stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it features news updates and recommendations.

Bar charts are useful tools for comparing data over time and can also be used to highlight trends within security. For instance, if an asset rallied higher during one period but closed well below its high, that may indicate that investors may be considering selling off securities.


Barchart is an extensive research platform that gives traders a quick view of stock, options, futures, forex, and crypto markets. It also offers users a stock screener, technical charts, and trading signals at no cost to them.

The website divides each market into tabs, with each tab providing an overview page showcasing top movers, news, and recommendations. However, the extensive layout may prove intimidating for new traders.

Barchart provides a wealth of technical and performance overview charts, as well as stock screening tools that use short- and long-term technical indicators to flag stocks or ETFs with buy or sell ratings. Furthermore, Barchart provides ratings-based trading signals for hundreds of stocks and ETFs.


Pricing a product or service is an important strategic decision that has far-reaching effects, from your business finances to its position in the market. It can be determined by customer value, cost efficiency, competition, and new product introductions.

Barchart provides a range of pricing plans, from free membership to paid subscriptions. Paid users have access to more advanced stock screening, chart overlays for trading signals, and other features designed to simplify research for traders.

Traders can access price action data using price bars, which display the open, high, low, and close prices of a security or asset over a given period. The vertical line on a bar represents the high and low prices during that time; the left and right horizontal lines represent the open and closed prices respectively.

Customer Support

Barchart provides traders with a convenient overview of the markets. However, its organization can make it challenging for new users to decide which tools are most suitable for their requirements.

The site organizes its information into distinct tabs, giving users access to data on stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and forex. There are also news and opinion sections available.

Customer Support Specialists are available to answer any queries or worries that arise regarding your account, the website, and any of its features. With customizable dashboard layouts, you can display only the data templates necessary – such as quotes, news, screens, and charts – while optimizing valuable screen real estate with unnecessary data and functions. Furthermore, throughout the website, there are links to tutorials designed specifically for new investors which provide helpful guidance and instructions.


Barchart is an all-inclusive trading platform offering data and charts for stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. It also features a stock screener, a news and opinion section, and a chart of the day. Barchart makes for great starting traders due to its variety of features including technical and fundamental filters.

The primary disadvantage to Barchart’s extensive data set may be overwhelming for less experienced users. Fortunately, they offer customizable ad-free Premier Memberships as an alternative option.

Barchart boasts an impressive selection of charts and features, so it’s wise to give them a test run before committing to either a subscription or pay-per-use plan. What’s great about Barchart is that you can customize it according to your investing needs. The bar charts provided are an ideal starting point, while the news and opinion section ensures traders stay abreast of industry developments.


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