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A Witcher 3 Spellbreaker Walkthrough


If you’ve recently played the Spellbreaker video game, then you probably know how challenging it can be to defeat a golem. But what about fighting a rotfiend? In this spellbreaker walkthrough, we’ll show you how to take down all of these enemies, as well as how to get a spellbreaker of your own.

Get a spellbreaker in the Shrine to Peryite

There are two ways to get a spellbreaker in the Shrine to Peryite. One is through the vanilla quest path, and the other is through a mod. Neither is recommended for players under level 20.

The vanilla quest path consists of four main steps. You must first defeat a Dwemer called Orkendor. This is located outside the side entrance to Bthardamz. A second enemy named Shalidor is also encountered.

Orkendor is a weak opponent. He has a powerful Spellsword and a body filled with gold and valuable items. When you kill him, he will be looted.

After you defeat Orkendor, Peryite will appear. He will ask you to replace Orchendor as Champion. In exchange, he will give you a Spellbreaker Shield.

Unlike the vanilla quest, this mod will allow you to kill Orchendor before you can summon Peryite. It also adds more choices to the quest, including destroying the altar before you summon Peryite.

Another option is to use a Daedric Quest mod. This mod will add new dialogue options to the vanilla quest. Some of these new choices include a conversation with Kesh the Clean.

Train your spellbreaker

Spellbreakers are blood elf warriors who specialize in disrupting magical energies. They are proficient in martial weapons and shields, as well as simple weapons and Light armor.

Spellbreakers were produced in the blood elf arcane sanctum. In the human campaign of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, they serve as sentries in the Sunreaver Onslaught.

They can also subdue the lifeforce of Ley Walkers. Similarly, they can break spellcasters’ mana base with melee strikes.

Originally, only a few Spellbreakers were produced. However, after the death of Prince Kael’thas, the practice was banned. Since then, new recruits have not been trained.

Spellbreakers are not allowed to use any divine spells. They do, however, have the ability to turn enemies’ spells against them. Normally, the ability is in an automatic cast form.

As a result, their innate detector can tell the difference between casting and conjuring. While their adrenaline bar is smaller, they are also trained to use their willpower to counter attacks. This, along with their mental discipline, makes them adept at defending themselves against magic.

Combat with rotfiends

When it comes to combat with rotfiends, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not short on the occult. They aren’t particularly squishy creatures but they can be whittled down in a matter of hits. For example, a well timed chain reaction will see them a fond farewell.

One of the best strategies is to spread the damage around. You can do this by focusing on a few rotfiends at a time. Doing so will not only kill them quicker but it will also reduce the damage you take in the process. This makes whittling them down a safe proposition.

The best weapon for the job is an Arbitrator. However, if you have the money, you can buy a sword at a craft smith. In fact, the cheapest one you’ll find will cost you a hefty sum.

While it’s impossible to say how long your adventure will be, you should expect to get a decent amount of screen time during your journey.

Fight a golem

If you are a dps class and want to fight a golem, there are some things you need to know. There are two basic ways to do this. The first is to use the special action key. It’s easy to do and will make the fight much easier.

The second way is to use a weapon that is designed to break armor. This will keep your units from dying and will help you to finish the golem in a faster time. For example, you can use a Group Flame to deal damage to golems as they go south. You can also use a Helm Bash to lower the DEF of the golem.

In order to fight a golem, you need to be in the right position. You will need to move towards the western edge of the map. Your vanguards should be positioned toward the forest tiles.

Once you are in position, you should attack the golem as quickly as possible. A simple rotation is very helpful for this.


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