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9 Superb Calendars That Will Maximize Your Productivity


Calendars are an excellent way to keep track of your schedule and stay organized. They’re also a fun and decorative way to organize your space.

While there are plenty of calendar apps to choose from, the best ones offer a combination of great functionality and user-friendly design that will make them your favorite daily app.

1. Memo Custom Acrylics Reusable Calendar

Keep track of your busy schedule with this reusable calendar that operates like a dry-erase board. It comes in various sizes and is offered in three color themes.

It’s a great option to display it on your wall or use it as a desk pad. It’s also less expensive than other styles and features corner cards to prevent the pages from curling.

2. Papier Photo Calendar

The Papier Photo Calendar is a clever little widget that will help you keep track of all those important dates in your calendar year. It combines the latest technology with a traditional paper calendar in a slick, sleek design that will look great on any wall.

The calendar features a variety of templates including the aforementioned, oversized photo-enhanced calendars in 12-month and 24-month formats. The program enables you to mark special occasions and holidays and customize the template.

3. The Simple Statement Calendar from Minted

Minted’s curated collection of photo calendars is a great way to celebrate family milestones or special days throughout the year. You can choose a design to start your calendar any month and customize the photos and date printed on each page.

The Simple Statement Calendar is available in two sizes and three color themes, so it’s easy to find one that matches your style. It’s also reasonably customizable so that you can add a personal photo to each page and write your cover text.

4. Mood Calendar

A mood calendar is a great way to track your emotions and help better understand your well-being. It doesn’t take much time but requires consistency and commitment.

It can be tricky to start, so it’s important to prepare carefully and choose the correct format. Whether you opt for pen and paper or an app, remember to set a reminder so you can stick to it daily!

5. Mood Sticks Calendar

The Mood Sticks is a fun, interactive way to track and celebrate your moods and emotions. This linguistic calendar is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their well-being. It also makes an excellent gift for the special someone in your life. The Mood Sticks is the brainchild of Dr. Jeremy Larkey, a former Harvard neuroscientist and one of the world’s foremost experts on brain function and mood.

6. Simple Statement Calendar from Minted

Minted is best known for its gorgeous wedding and Christmas cards, but the site also offers several other beautiful products that are sure to delight. The Simple Statement Calendar is an excellent choice if you want a personal and creative gift for someone special.

Easily upload photos and write your cover text for a one-of-a-kind design. The customizable calendar comes in two sizes and three color options.

7. Mood Desk Calendar

The Mood Desk Calendar is an elegant way to track your mood in style. This full-color desk pad features a month-by-month calendar, a sleek design, and plenty of writing space to complete those to-dos.

A mood lover will appreciate this evocative desktop calendar’s many gimmicks, including the most important one: it’s a cinch to use. It comes with a colorful cover, some snazzy stickers, and much high-quality paper.

8. The Simple Statement Calendar from Minted

Featuring stylish rounded corners and spiral binding, this calendar is printed on Minted’s exclusive Signature Cover Paper with a cotton texture usually reserved for fine stationery.

This design is offered in two sizes and three color options, making it reasonably customizable. It also has a cover that can be folded closed for a sleeker look.

9. The Simple Statement Calendar from Minted

Designed by independent artists, this calendar will look beautiful on your wall or desk and be a perfect gift for your loved ones. It’s available in two sizes and three color themes, and you can easily customize your pick by adding personal photos and writing your cover text.

The pages are smooth and elegant, printed on Minted’s exclusive Signature Cover Paper, featuring luxurious cotton texture, usually reserved for fine stationery. It also comes with chic rounded corners and spiral binding for a modern and sleek look.


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