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3 Perfect Presents for Graduations


A momentous milestone occasion like a graduation is worthy of celebrating in style. Your favourite snaps of the happy graduate, who’s worked so hard to accomplish an education goal, deserve to receive the showcase display accolade of photo enlargements. Super-sizing your special occasion photographs is definitely the way to go, if you want to draw everyone’s attention to the major achievement.

If you know someone who’s graduating from University, technical college, or school, it’s thoughtful to acknowledge their achievement with a gift.

Need some shopping inspiration? Check out 3 of the most perfect presents for graduations…

Beautiful Personalised Stationery

Luxurious personalised stationery is an excellent gift for a graduate that’s about to embark on a new life adventure. Although you may think that someone who has spent a great deal of time taking notes and writing essays may consider your gift to be somewhat extravagant and superfluous, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they quickly put your thoughtful present to good use.

A cover letter for a job application will definitely stand out from the competition, when it’s written on premium quality personalised stationery. Just make sure that your stationery suite includes plenty of matching envelopes. Correspondence cards are entirely optional.

An elegant pen also makes a great graduation gift, especially if the graduate is about to start a career that involves writing or paperwork. Although it’s traditional to present someone with a classic and timeless fountain pen, you may prefer to gift a modern pen that features an enhanced design, performance and craftsmanship. There’s no need to splurge on a top-of-the-range, limited edition Montblanc unless you really want to.

A personalised journal or diary is a good alternative option, if you can’t decide between pen and paper. A stylish and practical personalised graduation notebook can be customised to highlight the graduate’s name, degree and university on its hardback cover.

Gorgeous Keepsake Jewellery

A bit of bling is likely to put a smile on anyone’s face, especially when it’s beautifully presented in a bow tied gift box. Stunning keepsake jewellery and designer watches have long been a popular gift option to celebrate the most special and meaningful moments of life.

If you love the idea of gifting keepsake jewellery that will be treasured for a lifetime, as a reminder of their graduation success, you have plenty of options available. Take your pick from exquisite fine jewellery that blows the budget, elegant and timeless pieces that are mid-range priced, and budget-friendly accessories. While the latter may not last quite so long, the rings, earrings, necklaces and watches that are less expensive are more likely to be currently bang on-trend. You’ll easily find something lovely that suits your budget, and that makes the graduate smile with delight.

If buying precious metals like gold, silver or rose gold, do remember to check which type most appeals to the recipient of your graduation gift. Not everyone loves or suits glitzy gold or shiny silver. You’ll also need to ensure that you choose wisely, if you’re gifting a piece of jewellery that features a semi-precious birthstone.

Before you splash out on a gift of lavish and expensive jewellery, do make sure that you take a moment to consider the graduate’s personal taste. There’s little point in gifting them a gorgeous piece of jewellery if wearing showy accessories is really not their style. If in doubt, seek advice from their parent or a mutual friend who has insider knowledge on preferences.

A Stylish Photo Book

A major celebration like a graduation calls for camera shutters to click left, right and centre. There’s no need to worry about how to display all of the stunning snaps that you take, when you gift a stylish photo book as a graduation present.

A keepsake photo book provides a high count of premium quality paper pages that can show off endless arrangements of your favourite photo enlargements. For maximum impact, choose a layflat format photo album that is spineless. As its pages lie flat, you can create spectacular magazine style displays across the double page spreads.

If you prefer the photo album to boast a more traditional design, choose a book that has a hardback covered in luxurious fabric. Pick your favourite snap of the graduate and reserve it for the cover. When curating the remainder of the images, it’s best to sort them into a chronological order that tells the story of their education journey from the start to the finish.

If you’re creating a unique Class of 2023 graduation photo book for your son or daughter, look through your family albums and pick out some of your favourite early childhood shots to reprint and include in your eye-catching collection. You can also split the pages into sections that highlight your child’s personal interests and achievements, as well as their extra curricular experiences at Uni. Remember to set aside a few dedicated pages for a collection of selfies.

The addition of descriptive text can effectively bring your images to life, and greatly enhance the viewing experience for the browser of your favourite photo enlargements. Add captions and comments to every photo, along with fun facts and anecdotes that will inspire reminiscing in the years to come.

It’s also a nice idea to save a page at the back of the graduation photo album to include an index or roundup of the images that you’ve featured inside.


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